About Us

The HM Sports Aero journey started in 2015. It all started with Steve Wright and Marc Huxley looking for a project to help us reconnect with our roots as hardcore drifting enthusiasts with a passion for everything great about the scene – fun, friendship, speed and style. 

 We set about putting together a BMW E36 Saloon with an E36 Coupe to have a bit of fun with on the track. As it started coming together, an idea occurred to us – what if we pushed the boundaries further and mixed things up a bit with some Toyota Chaser JZX100 styling?

So the car became the focus of a new mission to fuse together the best of European and Japanese aero styling. We knew it needed something special to really set it apart, so we got out our welding gear and custom built a roof spoiler. Straight away, we thought it looked pretty good. Then we knew for sure when some Instagram photos got an amazing reception. With loads of people asking us where they could get one, it was time to get it into production.

From there, we built on our early work by expanding into a fully custom designed aero range that looks awesome whether it’s on road, track or show. We’ve been selling our kits around the world ever since and are proud to be launching our brand new online shop in 2020.

As we continue our journey, the team are just as passionate as ever about breathing new life into the BMW aero market. Our range allows you to style up your car with a truly distinctive yet affordable look – providing fresh Japanese styling blended perfectly with classic BMW design elements, retained to provide just the right balance between the bold and the traditional.

We are grateful to our dedicated community of Instagram followers who have become an important part of our story – thanks to all of you who have tagged us in photos of your cars looking great styled up with one of our kits. As we continue to grow, we will stay true to our core principles - truly innovative aero design at an affordable price created for our growing fanbase in the spirit of fun.

HM Sports Roof Spoiler Fitting

HM Sports E36 V1

HM Sports E36 V2 Kit Fitting Video