If you are emailing about a new enquiry or order, including shipping prices, please ensure you have included all the information we will need to generate a quote (many people forget to do this!)


We need to know;

  • What you're planning on purchasing (i.e. the specific kit/item)
  • Where you live (with a precise postal/zip code)




If you have placed an order with us and received a confirmation email, please take a moment to see if the answer to your question is shown within that email (it almost always is!) 


If you have placed an order and have not received a confirmation email, please consider if your order has been placed outside of business hours. We operate in the UK Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm (possibly a different time zone to your own if you're outside of the U.K.), and we have to operate in accordance with our shipping suppliers collection and delivery timings. 


We manually process each enquiry, order and shipment, which means if your order is placed outside of our business hours, then there may be a delayed response until we're open again. 



If your email/message relates to sponsorship requests (in any way), please be aware that we receive approximately 20 - 30sponsorship enquiries every month from individuals aspiring to use our body kits and parts on their competition cars. 


Unfortunately we do not offer sponsorship. Whilst we are always excited to be involved in motorsport and the community surrounding it, as a small business, with small profit margins and increasing material prices, the answer to requests of this nature will almost always be a very polite "no". This includes requests for free or discounted items, temporary/borrowed items and financial sponsorship.


If you still feel that HM Sport Aero would benefit from sponsoring you and you have carefully considered the above paragraph, then please complete a sponsorship request form via our website or request one via email. To reiterate, even after completing the necessary documents, the likelihood of sponsorship being offered to you is very low. 

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